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Interview with Nerry: “I’m the voice of the oppression we faced from theGovernment for years.”

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Written by: GEGE VIBES

Hailing from Westmoreland (Jamaica) Nerada Brissette, known by the stage name of Nerry, has been around since the mid-90s and performed at most of Jamaica’s major music festivals.

Nerry not only sings, he’s also a player of various instruments. But there is no other instrument close to him than the “bass”, according to Nerry’s personal opinion. He’s currently working on his first album, which he is producing as his solo debut entitled “Call Me Nerry”. The singer toured in Europe, to be exact in Germany and Austria, back in 2008 with Freddie McGregor.

He’s been touring the USA since the beginning of the pandemic early this year. Nerry is the perfect representation of reggae music and its demands. He maintains an authentic sound and never fails to captivate his audience. His soulful, smooth, and raspy vocals are rarely heard those days. His last single “Babylon has the nerve” featuring Gentleman and Freddie McGregor is actually getting a great forward all over the World. We have interviewed him.

Read Full Interview Here:

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